January 28, 2009: The interior has not seen many changes since the last update. The Hard Dog bar has held up fine and as I get more accustomed to the unit, I begin to wonder if I should have purchased the Hard Core version with slightly larger diameter. I also noticed that the AWD gauge speedo face is slightly bubbling in one corner. I know this was an issue with the earlier materials Dewa used, and now that I think about it, I do have an early set. Also, I have come close twice now in purchasing the Nielex Vintage Sport Shifter direct from Japan, but cannot justify the $300 at this time. Maybe later this year.

December 12, 2007: I really haven't made a formal attempt to update this page and yet it really deserves it as I make most of my updates on the car in the cockpit itself. I need to be more proactive in taking some quality pictures of the interior - especially where this car really shines. Recently I added a Zoom Traditional Style Console in anodized black aluminum and tan leather. It is really nice, well made and just fits the car. It even has a place to proudly display my Pitcrew badge. I also recently added a Stainless Hard Dog Sport M2 bar and unfortunately sold my IL Motorsports Asymmetrical Style Bar (purely for safety reasons) and I do miss the chunkier look of that style bar, but alas...I also need to mount my halon extinguisher somewhere safe as I really do not want to mount it to the cross bar. In, 2008 I plan on lightly updating the carpet area with some nice pleated Nakamae quilted accents. More pics on the way soon.

My other office

Maybe it is juts me, but one of the most important facets of a well-driven car is a well laid out cockpit for the driver to command the car from. For me, it all starts inside and extends to the outside – not only in the way you drive, but act and think. Since owning my first Miata back in 1994, I have always appreciated the "T" shape cockpit and the simplicity that the engineers and designers at Mazda put forth in this little roadster.

The after market industry has so much to offer someone who may be looking to spiff up their interior a bit. With so many products available, it almost becomes a full-blown plan on what to do next. This is exactly what happened to me. On my 1991 Miata, I simply went for the all black look with minimal clutter. It could also be possible that I simply did not have a large disposable income at the time, but I did indulge in several items that were necessary for the driver on the go – very minimal at the least.

Skipping ahead to the summer of 1999: With the Laguna Blue now in my possession, it became obvious that a plan was needed to develop what I was really looking for. With a pen and paper, I simply mapped out what I wanted to do with the car and plugged it into a make-shift Excel program that laid out the timeline and my cost. I knew from the beginning that the interior of my 95 was going to be swapped to Mazda tan leather – and why not. I was simply in love with the very rare Laguna and Blue Tan’s out there and it seemed feasible at the time.

Within weeks, a trip was made to Mazmart and I purchased all the parts necessary to do a complete interior swap. The carpet was used as well as the little plastic doo-dads. The dash was bought new from Mazda as well as some new Katzkin leather seat covers. Within a week or so, I had the entire interior swapped and all that was left was all the after market stuff. A new Robbins tan top was also installed to complete the color combination.

Since I started, there has been many items installed, removed and sold. Many parts simply did not match up with my goal from the beginning: a retro looking interior made for the 21st century. Some of the pictures that you see on the left may contain some items that I no longer have, but the look remains the same regardless. Today as she stands, I have added the following to my interior (now updated as on 11/28/07) Sure, the project continues on and on as the after market industry adds new and exciting items for us to drool over, I will always have my eye out for something new. For the moment I think I have come very close to my original objective that I planned out back in the summer of ’99.


Current Interior Upgrades
Seating & Leather
  • KG Works vintage stainless gauge cluster
  • Daytona Dash Rosewood kit
  • Blaupunkt Alaska II head unit
  • Stainless Steel Hard Dog M2 Sport Bar.
  • Moss mini console lights
  • Artworks Dewa Maruyama Meter Faces (MPH)
  • Vintage Mazda horn button
  • Kenwood 6 band EQ
  • Modified Sola Luna shift knob with vintage Mazda emblem
  • Factory tonneau cover
  • VDO Gauges: Voltmeter, clock and vaccum.
  • Tan Katzkin leather seat Covers
  • MBQ Reference Component speaker system
  • OEM Mazda LE Speaker Plates
  • Factory Boot
  • Speedograph vaccum gauge
  • Nardi 360mm Classico Steering wheel and hub
  • Pioneer HR speakers
  • IL Motorsport vintage sliding mirror
  • Robbins zippered top w/glass
  • RSpeed a/f meter
  • OEM Rosewood Brake Handle
  • "the boom tube" of power
  • IL Motorsport chrome vent rings
  • Halon first extinguisher


  • Nakamae leather door straps
  • US Acoutsics 200w Amp
  • KG Works door cup trim rings
  • Willians Sport Harness


  • Zoom Vintage Console with custom power window toggle switches


  • Artworks Dewa A/C plate



  • Nakamae vintage toggle switches (hazard)


  • Artworks Dewa needle caps


  • Metro Motosports stainless visor plugs
  • Sola Brake Button